1. My slutty friend

    I have this Latina friend online whom I have never met but have received tons of her naughty photos (unfortunately only for my eyes) and updates on her sexcapades.  She is married, often has orgies, and when she had trouble paying her bills after the real estate market in Florida collapsed, she even started charging for fucking her.  I thought I will share her recent emails:


    Yes am “working” but must be extremely discrete and careful for obvious
    reasons and found 3 former customers who i do enjoy being with and pay well
    and are very well endowed so makes it bearable as they do care to pleasure
    me in the mean time but will NOT stay doing this very long as husband
    finally will start in 2 weeks but bills must be paid…: ( I will go with 2 
    tonight and will wear this outfit and intend to get their money’s worth and am looking forward to it actually as these 2 penises are more then 9 and other is 10 inches long so forgive me if a bit graphic but if you were a woman and as deep as my vagina is, you would understand ; )

    Well enough of that and will never mention this again. Will let you know
    when i quit this nonsense and get back to normal. Will be more or less
    residing semi permanently in Mexico 9 months out of the year as can afford
    to do so and to stay away from that “work” when done as really did not want
    to but might as well enjoy it with right persons who know me and are quite
    considerate and no wam-bam thank yo maam! thes individual like to keep going
    for hours just like my husband and i love that; ) Well here is the image and
    you get the idea and will take some soon with that outfit.

    The 1st one is 95% sure tonight but also sending you in red and white
    boots but prefer platforms as easier to be “done” from the rear standing up
    and easier to enter and can smoke and drink if we go to a club to look
    "normal" in the darkness in case they want to do me in the sly standing up
    as well as my favorite boots. Also, you may like this with your wife ; ) Let
    me know what you and maybe her think of this outfit?

    Got my perfume on and decided to wer a g-string which is next to nothing and
    will have 1 of them take it off while at dinner while no one is looking so
    they may feel me down there but they better have a paper towel ready as am
    very wet and will have my husband do me before i leave so as to be much
    wetter and they won’t know the difference and am just too aroused too care
    who sees me dressed like this while going to my car! well here are the last
    ones how i am dressing again and use your imagination and you could also use
    these as not showing my “treasure” so have fun ! LOL! Hope you both have a
    great evening and am looking forward to your reaction/reply and i am crazy
    to night and am happy i decided this is my last “job” but will get the most
    out of it and expect to be deliciousely sore between my legs and nipples and
    ???; )

    The one image with me in the blazer and sheer dress was taken 3 months
    ago after coming back from a party and thong disappeared! was a bit drunk so
    i guess i must have had a bit of too wild of fun if you know what i mean ; )
    Have a good night now i must be “serviced” by tony then take off as am
    hungry from both “mouths, 1 for food and other for 2 large ones so, ta-ta! :

    Well got home 20 minutes ago and am i tired, sore, sticky, smelly and still
    wet! What a night!; )

    lost my thong as soon as got to the dinner club as i sat down between them
    and had a finger in me 1/2 the time! People loved my dress and boots which
    as i decided, was the platforms and yes, i did get entered from behind in a
    corner and boy was i looking forward to that: ) we both had an orgasm withen
    a minute but i had to really suoppres myself as did not want to get noticed
    but i think we failed as we saw some smirks. Sat down, had a cigarette and
    my drink before eating but i was ready to go! It felt good; )

    We danced and then left at 9 to go to the 1 of their houses which is very
    NICE and well, as soon as got through the door, i took off my dress and i
    started the whole thing! We did it everywhere and also outside in the garden
    and mostly me on top or doggie and the best part i liked when i mounted 1 
    and other did me analy which i am now sorry i did rthat as it HURTS now! the
    9 inch 1 was a bit too big but i did enjoy it.1 of them is an expet in oral
    and i really loved that while i orallled the other 1 same when enterd from
    behind. stuck a bit in my mouth as quite big to fit in! but i did it anyway
    and we did it on and off till 3 a.m. then we slept until 5:300 when they
    both did me again as a parting as they know last time. i got paid and sit
    down before i tell you this, redy? believe it or not!! 5000.00 dollars! : )
    i was expecting 400.00 but i am totally blasted!!! wait till tony wakes up!
    I did check in with him every once in a while whenthey needed to recharge
    and i needed to clean some sperm of of me as was going down my legs and into
    the boots which i still havent taken off but needs clening and scuff repaiir
    especially from being on my knees. Almost wantto keep doing this “work” but
    last and forever and wont repeat this as i think i am being vulger and
    unlady like so my apologies please. am gong to take a long bath,take 3 
    asperins and dres up in my sheer dres and other plats to do tony ; ) as he
    wil be in the mood

    i must have smoked 15 misty`s ultra light menthol 120`s from all the
    excitement and i usually smoke 1-3 a day if that!good thing about them as no
    ashtray breath as very light and i inhale just a little for the taste and
    dont blow much smoke out except last night. good thing i shaved bare down
    there as sore, red, and well used! but i am going to do tony anyway as stil
    aroused. anway here are 3 images 2 from Panama which will send more over
    time. not the best but… hope yiou like 1 black n white which was a bit
    messed up? and all the images i sent except x-rated ones showing my pussy
    you can use for ??? as long as tasteful and not in a bad way. anyway, going
    to take off my boots as bath ready and will sleep for while. hope you like
    and write soon to tell me what you think about all?